More Than A Pill


RSA Student Design Awards 2016/17 Shortlist

Brief was to conceive and produce an animation to accompany a one minute piece of audio that will clarify, energise and illuminate the content. The audio was related to health as a social movement.

Large institutions such as the NHS are slow and bureaucratic, whereas social movements are agile and dynamic and can respond quickly to events. Movement is the main theme here – the action is defined by what is moving. It’s not simply about movement, but the interconnectedness of that movement. Nothing happens alone, representing the need for a holistic approach to healthcare and for all interested parties (everyone) to work together.

This is not your typical animation. The crisis facing our national healthcare system is one that requires us to test and challenge the traditionally accepted rules and instead focus on what we are trying to achieve. This is about bringing ideas to life by bringing objects to life.